What is Shou Shu?

To those of you who desire and seek a better way of life to understand the meaning of self-discipline, respect for others, the responsibility of leadership and team work, the satisfaction of knowing that you have accomplished a most respected goal, then we welcome you to our class.

 Shou Shu is the ultimate art of unarmed combat as well as being a superb system in achieving physical fitness and confidence in oneself.

 The martial art you are about to learn requires discipline, alertness and dedication from the student who is learning its techniques. These qualities are particularly important while you are acquiring the skill of basic movements.

 To master the art of Shou Shu you must be prepared to practice constantly and with patience. Remember that you are laying the foundations for one of the most sophisticated, graceful and powerful martial arts which has been adopted from the Orient.

Al Moore

Da’ Shifu

What Will Shou Shu Enable Me To Do?

Moore's Lodi